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Rately comes in two forms – a distinct shopping discovery app called Rately Shopper, and a namesake question-and-answer site at Rately.com.

What is the Rately Shopper App?

Rately Shopper is an iPad and iPhone app that helps you discover new stores and products.

Rately also creates a visual history of the products you’ve visited, so you can easily organize your finds and get personalized recommendations.

It’s available for free in the iTunes Store.

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What is Rately.com?

Rately is a tool for asking questions about stuff.

You can ask a question about any collection of stuff – shoes, chairs, bridesmaid dresses, puppies, or really anything – and get feedback from your friends.

How Rately works

Open Rately on a collection of stuff

From a Pinterest board of dream cars to fall shoes on Nordstrom.com, Rately works almost anywhere on the web.

Select stuff and
ask a question

Choose up to 9 items or images and ask your friends what they think.

How friends give feedback

Your question on Rately

This is what your friends will see when they come to Rately

Rate ups

One click is all it takes to rate up your favorite and see what’s winning.


Your friends get to share too. They can tell you why they like what they like and pass it on.

Have fun using Rately. Get started now