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even after a shopper has left your site
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Use notifications to engage shoppers, during or after their visit.

You can close the browser tab and still get the notification (from seconds to days later)
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Increase return visits with personalized notifications

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Rately helps merchants engage and sell to shoppers using personalized notifications.

Shoppers receive browser-based notifications based on visits

We keep track of shopper visits and provide notifications based on the total number or reward status.

All shoppers participate automatically just by visiting

Shoppers receive in-browser notifications based on number of visits. Notifications can deliver messages about new products, remind shoppers of recently viewed items, connect to social media, or deliver shopping rewards.

Merchants create nearly any kind of reward or communication

Create visit-based rewards – including promotion codes for your repeat shoppers – or create loyalty levels that incorporate unique messages and incentives.

Introduce anonymous shoppers to retailer app, email newsletter, and social activity

Because all shoppers participate, merchants can use the program to promote the benefits of opt-in options like app downloads, email signups, and social media.

Promote recently viewed to returning shoppers

As visitors shop, their recent items are saved for later review, even without logging in.

Accessible on all devices

Even where there are no browser notifications, such as mobile devices, shoppers can access the program details on the footer of any page.

All shoppers benefit

Personalized messaging, merchandising, and loyalty rewards for all store visitors. Create a better shopping experience for everyone.

No shopper sign up required

Unlike email and apps that have low opt-in rates, your shoppers don’t have to opt-in to take advantage.

On ramp to higher level engagement

Connects shoppers with retailer opt-in marketing programs: App, email, wishlist, credit card.

Works across channels

Can enable visit-based engagement and rewards across all channels: in-store, desktop, mobile, and even in your app.

Enables in-browser notifications

Deliver browser-based notifications with targeted content or reward status based on shopping activity.

Simple, fast setup

Setup requires adding a simple script to your site and setting up your rewards levels.

Straightforward monthly pricing.

Free trial. No credit card required.

$0 / per month
Includes three reward levels, up to 50k monthly page views
$79 / per month
Includes five reward levels, up to 1M monthly page views
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Includes unlimited reward levels, over 1M monthly page views

In-store Messaging

Merchant platform can power both online and in-store notifications. Over 70 stores use Rately and iBeacons – in the largest program of its kind – to power in-store messaging and visitor rewards.

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Easy to Implement

We can work with you to implement Rately in just a few minutes on nearly any ecommerce site – including stores on mobile, tablet, or in-app.

Works In-store & Online

Rately powers an in-store merchant platform for anonymous shoppers:

We're currently working with more than 70 retailers as part of a beacon-based Visitor Rewards program for Alpharetta, GA.

About Rately

Rately was built by the team at Digital Scientists.

We love to shop and have extensive ecommerce experience, including projects with Office Depot, London Fog, NAPA, Tory Burch, Lifetime Sterling, and others.

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Atlanta Business Chronicle
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