Shop smarter. Everywhere.

Shop faster

than with a web browser

Shoppers can move from store to store by tapping on retailer logos – making navigation faster and easier. No typing required.

Keep track

of items and store visits automatically

Rately automatically keeps track of your shopping so that you don’t have to. As you shop, Rately creates an up-to-date visual history of your viewed stores and products, including price, image, and descriptions, so that you can quickly go back to previous items and unique finds.

Tag items

for people or projects

Organizing your shopping just got easier. Instead of having to open different tabs to create bookmarks for people, places, and projects, now you can quickly and easily tag items to make visual lists of products you like.

Get ideas

and inspiration for related items

Rately automatically generates recommendations for you based on your tagged products and shopping history. You never know what you’ll find.

Be anonymous

no email or social login required

No oversharing

Your shopping is your shopping – we don’t share any information with anyone.

For your eyes only

Only you can see your shopping. Share on social media as you like, but some great finds need to stay a secret.

No login required

Download and start shopping – that’s it. We ♥ our shoppers, but we ♥ your privacy just as much.

Shop across devices

on mobile, tablet and desktop

All of your stores and items are automatically synced across your devices - including the ones you shop for on your desktop with the Rately Browser Extension. We have an extension available for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Rately Browser Extension

Earn rewards for shopping local

Alpharetta Visitor Rewards

The City of Alpharetta and Rately are sponsoring a new visitor rewards program to promote shopping in Alpharetta this holiday. With the app installed and bluetooth enabled, visiting participating retailers will make it possible to earn a variety of rewards.

Available in the App Store

for iOS and Android

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